Brand New Ridgeline Grizzly Jacket Just Launched (£69.99 free SD Delivery)

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Hello all.

We have had loads of enquiries about the new Ridgeline Grizzly Jacket, and it has just arrived into stock yesterday.

After furnishing the forward orders, we still have every size in stock from Small to 5XL.

Retailing at £69.99 for a waterproof, (non taped seams) windproof jacket, the Ridgeline Grizzly is almost like an evolution between the Roar and the Monsoon, with full length zip but smock styling.

Based on the previous performance of the new Monsoon, and our testing of the Grizzly prototypes it will be a sure fire hit for stalkers as it is both waterproof and windproof, but breathable enough for high activity.

Testing the Grizzly against the Monsoon, when you get a bit "steamy" inside the Monsoon during high activity the Grizzly is more breathable allowing vapour to escape and keeping the fabric and you dry.

It takes a lot to excite us about new kit these days but the Grizzly looks like its going to be another "Harkila Prohunteresque" success story. Our testers loved it and rated it highly, particularly for mild to colder days when you still want to remain active without sweating bucket loads.

Anyway thanks for reading, and if you would like one, of course use SD1DEAL for free next day UPS delivery.

You can call 01556 50 3587 to order, or order online.

More info on here

Picture below as worn by New Zealand Rugby Star Craig Newby

Best Regards

Scott Country Sales Team


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