Brass advice


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Hello all
i have always purchased quality brass from Norma and lapua unfortunately they don't manufacture the brass in 25-06 caliber. Has anyone have any suggestions to an alternative manufacturers
thanks in advance


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I think you could resize some .270 or .30-06 brass if you don't have any luck. Best do a search online to find out about possible case neck thickness issues.


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I have 600 ppu cases that I reload, they are very good in my opinion and are able to help with 2 inch groups at 600yrd,so never buy premium expensive brands any more, overated I think. other opinions may differ though.


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I have had some real issues with cheap brass. I now use only Nosler, Norma or Lapua. Never had a problem with any of these. I have a couple of mates with 270's who both use Norma and don't reload. I neck their used brass down to 6mm for my rifle.


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I bought Nosler 25-06 Brass from Reloading Solutions. Very good quality and comes weight sorted and prepped.
Norma make 25-06 brass and I suspect they make Nosler too.