Brattonsound Cabinet Lock


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Update - Just spoken to Brattonsound. Upshot is they’re sending me a new lock out (directly) and appointing a locksmith to sort.
Should be sorted by Friday (allegedly).
Thanks for all the advice 👍🏼
That's a similar response to the one I had from Brattonsound when the lock on my cabinet packed up only a week after I had purchased it some ten to twelve years ago.
I thought at the time that their response was excellent and it hasn't put me off buying another cabinet from them but just a pity that they fitted cheap and nasty Chinese locks in the first place.


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I did ask the chap about the failure stats, and he said to put things into perspective, they sell about 300 cabinets a month and get a call saying one has gone wrong about once every three months.
Assuming that the stats he quoted are correct I suppose that’s not bad, but good stats don’t help those who have the failed locks…..


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Have you tried pushing against the door with your foot?

My Brattensound cabinet could be a bu55er to unlock unless I pushed against it hard with my foot. I mean my foot, against the door near the lock, with significant pressure. Eventually replaced the lock.

Before I changed to a proper 1” steel safe with poured concrete and reinforcing bar to keep it in place I experienced the same problem with a 10-gun BS cabinet. No problem with the 5-gun that sat next to it with through bolts.

I took the locking mechanism apart and fettled all moving parts prior to reassembly with copper slip.

As has been mentioned, rifle slings can cause problems so always make certain you can push the bottom door fully closed without encountering resistance.



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Slings can certainly be a pain. But whatever you do, make sure the butt on your Holland & Holland gun is nicely tucked in or it’ll sport a new crease!


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any update?
Yep. Still not sorted.
Nothing heard from Brattonsound beyond when I called them on Tuesday……even though they said they’d call me yesterday.
So I called them late yesterday and politely expressed my annoyance…
The chap said “oh I’m surprised you’ve not heard anything from the lock manufacturer as they’re sorting it out for us”.
I reminded him that the warranty was with Brattonsound and not someone else and asked what he was going to do about it.
On the back of that call a new lock has arrived in the post this morning and a locksmith will call me to make an appointment on Monday (allegedly).
I’m not holding my breath……….


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Updated Update.
They’ve just called me and admitted that they’re having issues finding a suitable locksmith……sooooooo……..
After discussion they’re sending me out a new RL7+ as well as a free 3 gun shotgun cabinet (to say sorry).
So once the new RL7+ arrives it looks like I’ll be getting the angle grinder out on the old broken one……

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I know I'm late to the party , after installing mine I noticed it galling . I promptly removed the inner door skin and lubed the lock with PJ1 chain lube . That was 8 years ago and the lock has been silky smooth ever since .
Just a thought for the new cabinet.

Hope you're sorted soon 👍


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In Brattonsounds defence, I have 2 RL7+’s and 1 RL5+, for what is 12 years for the RL5+ and got to be getting on for 10 years for the other two.. Maybe I’m just lucky, but haven’t experienced problems with mine. I hope I’m not tempting fate, but if as a company to improve reliability, they need to upgrade their locks or expend a little money in R&D doing so it’s short sighted for them not too🤷🏽‍♂️


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To be fair, even though I’m rather peeved because I’ve not been able to shoot for a while due to this, the free shotgun cabinet by way of an apology was a nice touch by them, however frustrated I feel.