Brave enough to make a decision. (Mrs basil)

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This has absolutely nothing to do with stalking BUT Mrs basil made a brave and correct decision today.
When i met Sheila she had two pet dogs, one died a few years ago and then there was Gizzy, a Chihuahua.
Sadly today, Gizzy was put to sleep. He was blind for about two years but still negotiated his way to the back garden and back. His hearing and his legs were going so his quality of life was suffering.
Gizzy was 18 years and 4 months old but was still Sheilas baby.
I admire her for making a brave and correct decision today.
We in this family think about what a dog is, not what it`s capable of or what Joe Bloggs opinion of the breed is.
RIP Gizz.


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Sheila & Basil
I am sure that the decision was right , we have lost our SPIKE a 17/half year old Yorkie with the will !not the teeth of a Lion :) Megan my best friend in the world ( even my wife backs me up on this one) my springer sadly gone aged 10, Thar wrote a fitting tribute to ZAG circle of life, which I found comfort in. You will both eventually accept that Gizzy is in spirit with you , look at the good times!. My Genuine condolences


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So sorry to hear that Basil, it would have been a hard decision for your wife to take, I know it was for me.

My thoughts are with you and yours.



Sad story mate now you go out and get her a new best friend she will love you for it. But remember don't ask her because she will feel she is being disloyal to her small Mexican friend ;)


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We lost one of ours a few weeks ago, I know how she feels, in fact anyone who has ever lost a dog will know how she feels. Take comfort from the memories of the good times. Chin up.



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Sad time in your house, but tell your good lady this.-"Better a day early than a day late if your friend is in pain".
Keep your chins up, time heals, but slowly.
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