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Morning all,

I've just got permission on some new ground and yesterday due to small disaster at work i decided to go and take a walk on the ground to see where's best to put a high seat. It was about 1pm so i figured i would have a slim chance of seeing any deer, however after a 5 minute walk from my truck i spotted 2 roe laid up sheltering from a very strong sea breeze. I carried on nice and steady when a further 3 came into view that were grazing. As i said the wind was strong and in my face so there was no chance of them scenting me, they were probably 150yds away at this point. I got to 100 yds or so when one of the does just started jogging around and almost playing with the other 2, she got herself at an angle that opened up my position and spotted me. She looked straight at me for a couple of minutes then proceeded to approach me, over the next 5 mins or so she made a further 35-40yds towards me before eventually bolting off. It was an unusual moment and i'd be interested to hear of any similar experiences you may have had.

Mr Fish


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Hi Mr Fish
I had something similar about 4 years ago with some Fallow deer, I had glassed 4 deer out feeding just as it was getting light and to get up wind of them I needed to move around to the other side of them so I set off at a fair pace out of site of the 4 deer across an open grass field as I made my way I saw 2 Fallow out feeding in the field at I was in, I looked at them through the Binoculars they were about 250 yrds away both of them were looking at me, my plan was to stalk the other deer so I carried walking straight at the them until I got to about 50yrds away, they had not taken their eyes off me as I walked closer to them, I stopped put the sticks up and shot the young male the doe that was with him ran off and jumped the fence into the wood which was about 150 yrds away, couldn’t believe my luck,
Then after about 5mins when I was bent down by the deer I had shot the doe came back over the fence and across the field she came within 50yrds stood and looked for about a minute stamped her front leg at me a few times then made her way off again,
I’m sure that if I had tried to get some cover they would have moved off,
Deer don’t always do what you expect them too
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