Breakfast liver.

John Gryphon

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The morning dog/pup run took me for a drive across a creek side paddock. I crossed the creek as my dogs put noses up and went straight to another ferny creek. I stayed put then walked up the farm track with the pups the wrong way then decided that the 'other' way might be better. Then made the decision to stand with my pups as they put their own noses in the air and having a real good scent session. I knew there was a deer in the ferny creek but the view was no good,pups got very keen and I saw a flash of brown as a deer weaved its way through the ferns without presenting a good shot ( meat shot) then it dived out of the ferns turned left heading for another big stand of cover and sneaked with head low about 60 yards ahead with a broadside offering. 7mm hit a tad low but the young stag calf made a dozen yards anyway.

I weighed it for the SD crowd here and it came in at 110 LB`s guts in.

Liver will be sliced,dredged in flour and lightly fried with a pink interior with fried onions as an extra.

As far as pups go,it is of great value taking them up to the fresh hot deer and letting them find it and of course hearing another centrefire shot close to them,they are not fazed by the bang!




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Result as per John ,looks like them pups going to be damn fine deer hounds and it,s not going to take long .Enjoy your breakfast