breaking down bodies / teaching


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hi guys, i work as a butcher and also am a qualified game keeper,

i was wondering if anyone on here would like to either be taught how to break down a bodies / bodies of venison in return for a day out stalking or shooting or whatever or to pay to be taught how to do it or even pay for me to do it and then work from there so whatever you need really I'm sure we can work out depending on the amount of work / time it takes.

i have full access to a whole shop with mincer sausage machine and also rusk seasoning and whatever else you fancy really.

I'm based in east sussex on the A27 between Brighton and Eastbourne so either PM me or comment and we shall work something out!

best regards guys
stay safe.



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An excellent opportunity for someone, it makes a refreshing change that your offering a skill of real value in return.


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you say you are 19 and a qualified keeper and a qualified butcher. must be a fast learner to have all these qualifications at 19.
you do know if it is the same in England what it is in Scotland you cannot process wild game in a butchery which does beef, lamb,pork,.unless you have the proper licence to process wild game and the deer need to be health stamped to be in the premises and if caught your shop would probably have their licence suspended.So i would not advertise it.


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i am a quick learner yes.

in britain as long as the deer has been health checked by someone with the right qualifications (myself as i have a large game meat hygiene certificate) it is okay to do so. i regularly process deer and beef and all other meats for sale in my shop.