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I have a new rifle and wonder what other people do with regards to shooting in or however you want to put things?
I have read about firing 1 shot then cleaning x5 then 3 shots cleaning x5 then 5 shots cleaning job done.
what does everyone think or do?


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hi dickie
i am no expert but what i do is hav a bit of a blaze up just to loosen it up so i can check to see what has come loose helps take off some burrs and bed the action in a bit ,give it a clean then start from fresh like adjusting the trigger pull and zero the scope some where near,then another clean, hav a good zeroing session which also helps you get used to the rifle in question, another good clean check zero again and if allswell and everthing tight i will go out to christen my new baby
i know there are other ways but this is mine
yours stone


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Hi, are not far off the mark , it is quite important to remove all copper fouling as the lands of the rifling can be damaged microscopically at this stage and that can affect accuracy eventually.If you are using FMJ this is especially relevant, obviously bore sighting will cut down ammo expenditure while breaking in and zeroing to at least get you on the paper, expect groups to widen when the barrel heats up it is your choice if you carry out this process with a moderator fitted , I wouldn,t as cleaning the barrel is difficult with it on and the barrel harmonics are different with a mod on , so rough zero to the paper mod off, then re-zero to the hunting ammo when the barrel is broken in and the mod fitted to achieve your field accuracy, as the Mean Point of Impact will be altered with the mod on...anyway it always works for me this way, hope that helps a bit..Tony


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Stone, Cervus.
Thanks for that, I normally shoot with the mod on then unscrew it for the cleaning.
The mod helps keep me in local good books when shooting Sunday morning.


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