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hi there,

i currentley use a 17'' bone saw to cut the breat bone on all of my red deer. i keep it in the truck obviousley!! i was wondering what others use as it would be nice to be able to travel abit lighter and have everything i need in a pocket. i have been looking at the flip and zipsaw?i currentley use a mora and a tripeknife for general stuff so only need the saw.

thanks all


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Used quite a few here and overseas, SawDaddy is no good, Gerber is no good, IMO only 2 to choose from worth having are Casstrom 7 or 11 and the Sagen.


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If its really necessary to saw the breast bone before getting to the larder(????), most, below the size of red stag or largest fallow buck, can be cut with a decent knife ....


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If you use a good hard knife you can go round the side of the breast in one go were the bones are the softest but be careful not to stick the knife in your leg

Dan Gliballs

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Standard joiners saw, sandvik 244 iirc.

cheap as chips and you often get a hammer/tape/screwdriver thrown in if you but a twin pack.

we are Quality Assured and the inspectors are quite happy with them.
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I've used a good quality pair of (clean) gardening pruners to cut the ribs alongside the breast bone on Fallows, the bone saw that I have for field use isn't really up to the job, otherwise I use a butchers meat saw but that is a bit too bulky to carry on a stalk.

atb Tim


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As others have said, you can cut down the side of the breast bone with either a knife or a set of pruners, fine if it's for your own use,doesn't look very neat if you are putting carcasses to the dealer.

Why do you want to cut the breast bone in the field? best left until back in the larder IMO.

Once in larder bone saw or sandvik will make short work of it (sandvik is also ideal for cutting trophies)

If you really want to cut breast bones and aich bones in the field Bushwear sell a small hand saw similar to the Gerber but actually cuts better IMO , great on the small species and will do Reds, you will probably go through a couple in a season if you are culling more than a few beasts, but should be no great hardship as they cost less than a tenner.