Brilliant Swarovski customer service

Chris Rob

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Had an old pair of SL 7x42 binoculars which were getting pretty ratty, focus wheel was graunchy & loose, eyepiece surrounds were very ragged so got in touch with Carrie at Swarovski UK, told to send them in & she would arrange a service, so did so on the 18th October.

Received a card back on the 21st confirming receipt & saying they would be in touch with an estimate.

Last week on the 18th November UPS delivered a package from Austria which contained what looked like a brand new pair of SL 7x42's all packaged up in a lovely Swarovski 2 part box!

Invoice listed all parts replaced which included both left & right housings, eyepiece surrounds & focus bits & bobs, lenses looked brand new as well but may have just been polished.

Total amount on invoice £192.37, which included 1.75 hours labour, shipping from Austria was not detailed so must have been at least another £15.00, amount charged to me £000.00!! :eek:

Absolutely superb service. :D

Many thanks Swarovski



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Goes to show that the aftersales is just as First Class as the product. :thumb:

I also have nothing but praise for the service I've received from Swarovski over the years - time to dust off the old 8x56 SLs and send them in I think.

BIG white hunter

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agreed,i used to be a leica affiliate,and no doubt they cant keep up with swarovski,top notch as soon as i can afford the new el model they will be well advertised....i see lots of europeans..........swarovski!!!!!