British Shooting Show. Who's going?


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The complete lack of display & staff on the ATN stand was indeed a disappointment & certainly put them in a negative light for me.

Several others I've spoken to were also underwhelmed with their non- appearance on Friday.

I think the show organisers need to do more to encourage the attendance of the smaller, bespoke makers of rifles & other kit as the prices of the small shell units are just too damn' high (yes; I do know how much & it is too much).

paul o'

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Was't going to say the welsh had come over the border to nick all the orange hats pmsl nice to block your way mike :norty:

What an improvement on the old venue. The only negatives as far as I could see was the 15 wait for the doors to open this morning and the narrow aisles which caused log jams occasionally. Oh and then there was an objectionable little man from Essex that I bumped into almost as soon as we got in through the doors.:rofl:

Some good kit on show and the representatives from the manufacturers and importers were happy to discuss their products with you. A productive and enjoyable day out for me and my pal.


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Yes nice to bump into you again Paul and also to meet up with Ndtman. See you both next at the H4H in June. :tiphat:

ndt man

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8x57 and me had better watch out ( PAUL O' has bought a new scope so he tells me ) and its one of them new fandango thought ones that you only have to think of the ten ring and it puts them there . :rofl: and its got flip up covers to go with it :scared:

paul o'

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:rofl: i wont be using that one, shall be a Scottish cal ? with a old ?- 32 x56 scope so i can see them rings :norty:

jimmy milnes

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Well I'm so glad I didn't listen to the majority of posts here as I've just got back from a fantastic day at the show.
Met up with some old friends, made some new ones and didn't have a problem at all talking to who ever I wanted to or fondling anything that took my fancy! !


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The chap I was going with couldn't make it due to illness in the family, so I went on my own.
SatNav brought me to car parks that was shut!
Paid for a wristband by 08.15 and had to wait until 09.00 to be let it.

About the same as last year, but easier to navigate with a good guide and list of exhibitors.
Seemed smaller, due to the above, and not as crowded on Sunday as it was on Friday last year.
HPS had sold out of the Murum magnum primers I wanted.
Mainly shotguns and air weapons!
Not much for rifle target shooters.
The Remington catalogues were from last year.
Smallbore shooters don't change their kit too often, so not worth trying to sell it, I suppose.
Bought a couple of MTM CaseGuards for .308, a Roe call and a Sika call to try. I'm seeing some slots that are too big for Roe.
I'm sure I would have stayed longer if the other chap had come, but I left at 12.30. The Natnav had a problem finding a way out, due to closed roads.


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Got to be honest. It just didn't float my boat. Enjoyed Harrogate Northern Shooting show last year though. I was looking for new rifles/scopes then as it happens. Got all I need now though I didn't buy from the show. So doubt I'll go to either again. Just my two penneth
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Stover Rover

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Compared to Stoneleigh we had more footfall than ever before the quietest we were at the NEC was the equivalent of the busiest we have ever been at Stoneleigh due to the disjointed flow at Stoneleigh. It was really mad on the Saturday. the 9.00 to 4.00 format was good for those manning stalls as once the show started you were trapped and couldn't even get off for a pee. Regarding the actual opening times against the 09.00 official time they were only a bit late on one day. It was 09.09 on Friday 08.55 Saturday and 08.50 Sunday. The NEC don't do themselves any favours by employing too many jobsworth staff and having a road network that when breaking down the stand means you drive 2 miles from you hotel to get routed back to 50 yards from where you set off to gain access to the correct entrance right outside your door.
I understand the show will be there again next year possibly expanding into 4 halls as the aisles were too tight especially for those in mobility scooters and with pushchairs.
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Be delighted to. Now can I ask that air arms develop a true left handed air rifle please. Left handed stock doesn't count. I wil come and waggle my finger under you nose and complain about handism. :D
Hi they did a very good target/field rifle as I have one its a Air Arms RN10 IN 177 laminated thumb stock thinking of getting rid some time this year hope you have a good time I went last year I had a spinal surgery so I booked a scooter to get about when I went up that flipping hill to the 3rd hall to get it they said sorry the suplyer has not sent enough of them it would have been good of them to let me know before I left cumbria