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Hi Folks,
Can any anyone clarify is a BRNO the same as a CZ or visa versa, I've heard conflicting information. I'm considering getting a big game rifle and have been told that these makes are affordable and very reliable.
Your comments would be helpful.
AdamS. :confused:


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I think you will find that they used to be one and the same, but then due to some upset or the other, I can't recall if it was political or not, the company split. So one company became two. So although not the same company, I don't think there will be too much difference between them. That is a real potted version of events.

For what it is worth I have three CZ's and two BRNO's and like them all, maybe not fashionable and sexy, neither am I come to that, but reliable and accurate.



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from what i recall
ceska + zbrojovka-brno were 2 cheq companies that went into partnership together from which the CZ was born,
Zbrojovka with the brno name, even though they were partners they still used their own factories if nothing had changed and still built their original line of rifles as normal, aswell as the CZ range
when a few years ago they had a fall out the 2 companies split except ceska had the majority shares and kept the CZ name so leaving zabrojovka-brno to fend for themselves, with which they redesigned a new range of centre fire rifles,
of which they used the mauser 98 action
not sure if Zbrojovka-brno is still operational but CZ is , as i think being major share holders they hav tried to shut the Zbrojovka-brno factory down last i heard
but i do hav a new rifle from the Zbrojovka-brno range in 30-06 and is a fantastic peice of kit with realy good accuracy out of the box already screw threaded with homeloads producing excellent results
hope this helps
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