Brock and Norris excellent service


Today I went to Brock and Norris, Gunsmith in Whitchurch, Shropshire, where I had my barrel screwcut to take a moderator, had the trigger tweaked to reduce the break pressure from over six pounds to three and a half and Mike also ran some numbers for me to work out best gun powder and loading weights for hand loading .270 rounds for my rifle.
Excellent service again, thanks to Mike and team, see you at Midland Game Fair.

Tikka 260

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shame they don't answer their e-mail enquiries though!

Sorry you had a problem, my experience was excellent, I had a reply to my enquiry within 3 hours, and the ordered item arrived 36 hours later.
​+ 1 for B & N service.


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With one pair of hands you can be a bit stretched, specially when the lathe is so far from the phone & the pooter !, So try leaving a voice message on the phone?

brock and norris

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shame they don't answer their e-mail enquiries though!
It is more than likely I am flat out trying to get your work done. Unfortunately time has to managed between lathe time , milling , machine, bedding jobs , rifle testing , loading ammunition, dealing with reps, sorting out web site content , running to the post office depot, contract screw cutting for major wholesalers, and trying to help clients when they turn up with ailing ,or damaged rifles,
It is always preferable to call the workshop as then Ian or myself will answer immediately. Emails do not always come through to us and I very rarely have time to post here. So my apologies but please accept that yours is not the only enquiry that comes in, we do not always get emails, and I have one pair of hands working seven days a week twelve hours a day.

If you would kindly give your name I can search through the masses of emails we receive daily and see if it has been over looked. As I am positive that I have received no communicate from TEDWARD !!!