Broken Barrel Selector


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I was out with my Lanber yesterday, as I selected the safety catch to fire, my barrel selector lever broke off, it is located and sits on the safety catch, I still have the selector and a small pin that came off it. This wouldn't be such a big issue if that's all that was wrong as I dont select different barrels for shooting anyway, but now, the gun ofter misfires, normally takes a second pull of the trigger to fire the shot for each barrel, I also had a double discharge which nearley knocked me over...

Anybody had this problem with their shotgun or specifically Lanbers?


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hi tartinjock
how old is this lanber and how much use has it had?
as this mis firing and double discharge happened to an old lanber i had that went wrong after about 1200 shells it was 6 months old at the time i think it was a lanber sporting o/u new in 1995 something had come loose in the trigger mechanisam and a local gunsmith easily rectified the problem, it was cheaper than sending it back to the shop, apart from that it served me well untill i got rid of it for a berretta 20 gauge


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i'm surprised by that ,jock. I've had one in the cabinet for almost 10years now and have put thousands of shells through it without probs. An occassional spring or screw working loose is all.


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I had a Lanber o/u many years ago first clay gun I ever had ..a total bag of crap often went off when closing the barrels, the later ones were a little better I was told but would never buy another.. I believe something on the cocking system used to wear ... got shut of it asap traded it against a baretta never looked back totally different gun was a pleasure to shoot not a constant russian roulette .. get rid mate it's dangerous
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