Broken dew claw (middle bit sticking out)

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Hi, on Friday night I noticed my labrador dog was constantly licking his right dew claw, when I looked I notice he had torn the dew claw down by the base and it was hanging on by a couple of mm of nail. When I left him to get a first aid kit he managed to pull the hanging bit off leaving the bit in the middle (quick?) exposed with a little bit of nail (3mm ish) all the way round.

I cleaned it with a sterile non alcohol wound wipe and taped it up with a sterile wound dressing and covered it with a sock (clean!) I've cleaned and re dressed it twice a day since but would like to know if I'm doing the right thing and waiting for the claw to grow back or should I take him to the vet to get it checked out? Will post a couple of photos in the morning if that helps.


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he's your pal feller get him to the vet raw nerve must be hurting him bad try to get the vet to remove it dewclaws get torn off on working dogs all the time :( you would be doing an indian war dance if it was yours


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You've done all I would. So long as not bleeding I would dump the bandage. Much as it is sensitive if you tear a nail too short it de-sensitises very quickly.

Once the hanging part is removed the relief is almost instant.

Only dogs that get them persistently torn justify surgical removal (I removed a set on on Friday...............)

night stalker

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Thanks for the replies, to add to what I put he's walking fine on the bandaged leg and doesn't flinch or try to get away from me when I clean and re-dress it. I've got a cone from when he had a rash on his balls but I've not had to use it as he's not trying to pull the bandage/sock off.