Sold: Bruce & Walker Powerlite 15ft #10-12 Salmon fly rod

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Handmade. Three piece, very lightly used in immaculate condition. Beautiful big river Spey casting rod in very good condition. Comes in B&W Rod bag and will be well packed in a tube/ insured post.
It’s quite hard to capture a 15’ salmon rod in photos / let me know by PM if anything specifically you need to see.
Just checked - cost me £870 (don’t tell the Mrs) selling for £200 posted. Happy to answer any questions and open to sensible offers by PM.

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I’d love that, especially being made in England, but since I only get out after salmon a couple of times a year I can’t justify another rod, I am somewhat ashamed to say I’m awaiting delivery a spey rod from China - £54 delivered. I hate buying Chinese but the price and some of the feedback I’ve read on them just works for my situation. Good luck with the sale.


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Wow - I’ve got a B&W trout rod I bought up in Perth in the 90s and must have used only once or twice. Must dig it out as it surely deserves a better home.


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Sadly old rods get dated pretty quickly as lines and action tastes change. I still swing a couple of classic brownie sages from the early nineties… still hard to find and desirable but most old carbon rods are worth very little…. Tempus fugit


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Best made fly rods in the world bar none IMHO, I have four B&W rods they are wonderfully built tough as nails and cast a dream.

The new owner sure got a bargain.

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