Buck Alpha Crosslock availability or import


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I have purchased a Buck Alpha Crosslock PBS from America, as I can't find a grey one in the UK. I have been told I may have a problem with Uk customs!
Does anyone have some advice, or know where I can buy one in the UK?
i don't want a Camo or Orange one, which do sem to be available in the UK.


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The only issue you may have is if it can be flicked open one handed.

It seems that at one point a member of staff at Mount Pleasant customs used to hold the blade and flick open the knife, warranting confiscation as a gravity knife. Looks like they would have a tough time doing that with the Alpha Crosslock.


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didn't,t think it was illegal to sell or import single handed opening or assisted opening knives, only to carry them in a public place without good cause.
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