Buck before the rut

Out this morning on a piece of ground we don't often visit except for high summer, as it gets a lot of walkers in the winter.

Arrived at 04:15 and got ready in the car park. Walked down through the woods to look into the valley but couldn't see anything. Took two steps along the path and then a roe buck appeared coming from the woods to the left. It very obligingly stood broadside on 70m away. The shot was timed at 04:40.


Apologies for the poor photo from the iPhone but I took out my "proper" camera only to realise the battery was dead :oops:

I was in two minds about leaving the buck for a client, but on this piece of ground we have to take our chances when we can.

Gralloched the beast and carried it back to the car as the weather was already warming up and the flies were buzzing. I was back on the ground by 05:10 but didn't see another thing all morning :(

I spent 20 minutes in a high seat and did try a call on the buttolo to see if I there was any response, but either the rut hasn't started on this particular piece of ground or I'd shot the only buck in residence, which I know not to be the case. Hoping the rut is in full swing next weekend.



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Nice one mate.
Looks a good buck.

I was supposed to be out this morning but too knackered after working all day yesterday after the day off Friday, which was more exhausting than work. Two crabby kids and the game fair don't mix!

See you Friday mate.




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Ref your mention of the rut.
I stood watching an old buck sat in grass at 170 metres for the best part of an hour on Friday evening sqeaking, barking, whistling, nearly broke my Buttalo trying to get every variation of noise from it that I could and all it did was lift it's head just enough to let me know it was there.
There was the odd time it raised it's head enough to get a 'just below the skull' kneck shot and I was in a stable position from a rigid wooden high seat and had a fairly clear shot but I wasn't that desperate for venison.
So watched it until it got too dark, in my estimation, then I snook away leaving it for another day.
Either it was an old one and knew it couldn't do the business if it tried or it was Gay, but then I did a manly bark a few times so that couldn't be the case !!
The only other explanation could be that the rut was in full swing and he'd had his share for that day !! lucky devil !!