Buffalo River Knife review


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this is my first review, so bare with me

Yesterday i bought a new chopper, a Buffalo River maxim m100. i got it from a local gunshop for £14.99. first impressions, it looks good, black drop point stainless blade and rubber handle ( boilable ) the sheath is wonderfull cordura and once its in it will stay there for ever. its god a reasonably thick blade that comes with and holds a good edge. it has only paunched and skinned a bunny, but it did a good job. overall very pleased with it and will over take the fallkniven as my stalking blade, and at that price i can loose it more often :D


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hi sam just a couple of questions
how did you get on when buying the knife?
what thoughts about the blade shape for when you use it for skinning a deer or even sticking one?
a few pics would be good as your fallkniven may now become redundant and you liked that knife i could tell


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Hi Sam

About 6 weeks ago i was checking out ebay usa, and i came across a schrade Knife exactly the same as your buffalo river one.

Cost me about the same as yours did with the postage , and seems to hold an edge well for a knife in this price range.

Bellow is a link to a shop that sells the schrade x timer range. The hunter drop point is the one i found on ebay


Although i have been looking at making my own knife as this is something i have wanted to do for along time

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