Building a Deer Blind


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First bit done. Walls, roof, substructure next.

This one will be built to last.


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John Gryphon

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Very similar to my hunt mates.It has been up for 5 or so years. It actually overlooks a deer wallow.
Photo during construction.

He has taken enough with camera and rifle and one afternoon the stag he was videoing disappeared from sight...IT WENT UNDER THE HIDE!



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Looks great - +1 for skills. How will you get it to site?

I will carry the base, walls and roof in sections with another gentleman through the forest to its location as there is no vehicular access. I will carry the substructure in pieces. Then they will be assembled on site. Hopefully very fast. It is extremely thick forest but surprisingly holds a couple of deer with many more passing through on established game trails. It will be positioned in a more open section where visibility is about 30m.