building your own HighSeat


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I know we have been here before and i have read the old post on building your own highseat,but i can't see the the measurements anywhere or they are to small for me to read. so if someone could please PM me with a design and build instruction i would be most greatful :D


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Hello Bonnie
If you would like to PM me with your email address I will forward you some plans with clear measurements that you can alter to suit.




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I have made 3 wooden high seats, but these are heavy and cumbersome. So I was thinking of making one or more from steel tube.
I only have a small hand held propane torch or plumbing, which may be ok for brazing but not sure ii its good enough for larger work such as this?

Can any one advise a suitable arc welder, I would need the gloves and mask as well.

One issue I read was to seal the inside of the tube from corrosion, what is the best with this?

What size tube is used, diameter and wall please.


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You can get a suitable (140Amp single phase) welder from Machine Mart, Axminster Power Tools and probably several others - just checked - you can get this from Machine Mart for 63 quid think thats complet with the mask and leads but perhaps not rods.

I made two high seats myself - only thing I would caution is not to make them too heavy - I used 50 RHS tube about 4mm gauge - way too heavy to cart around. They are fine to shoot from (never move even in gale force winds) but a real chore to cart in and put up. Sorry I don't have drawings.

Only thing I would say is that they are worth getting galvanised - I did this and have never touched them since. You will need to drill holes top and bottom of every section to let the air escape in the galv bath tho'.


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i'm with kuwinda,

Get them galvanised, far less hassle i did mine for about 45p + vat per kilo. :lol:
you will get years of use out of them, but do make sure you put enough breathers(holes) in or some places will charge a pound a hole :!:


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Thanks for the advice, I'll have a look at the metal prices and look for a galvaniser.


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The holes that are required for galvanising box or tubular metals are to allow the plating to flow through the inside of the metal, preventing corrosion setting up from the inside of the structure. If you contact a galvanising company they will recomend the optimum size holes to suit your needs. At least I think that's how it works :confused: :confused: Hope this helps. Cheers, Pete.


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If you want a copy of the plans for the wooden FC high seat that appeared in the shooting times, I can let you have them. Just send me you e-mail address.



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I made mine out of 1" box section steel. Had them galvanized. The ladder i made in 1 mtr sections and the hole thing weighs 30kg.
As downwind says the holes are to let the galv coat the inside. I drill 12mm holes and these need to be at the farthest end of ladder rungs etc. The galvernizers will charge more if they think to much galv can not drain out if the holes are not in the right place.