For Sale: Bullets: .308, 7mm/.284, 6mm/.243, .224

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Bullets for sale. (Some old style packaging, some tatty boxes, those labelled "pulled" were not crimped and neck tension less than 2thou)

Prices include UK postage. Advertised elsewhere.


48x Sierra No.2160 180gr Spitzer Boat tail. V old style packaging £15

100x Sierra No.2123 135gr Matchking HPBT (box open but none used or pulled) £30

56x Sierra No.2124 135gr Varminter HP £17

100x Hornady No.3033 150gr BT Soft-point Interlock (box open, none used or pulled) £30 SOLD

70x Hornady No.3031 150gr Soft-point Interlock £22 SOLD

80x Hornady No.3075 180gr RN (Soft-point, round-nose, flat-base) £30 SOLD

300x Hornady No. 23010 V-Max (3 unopened boxes of 100) £30 per box of 100

100x Lapua Scenar 167gr MOLY-coated (box open but none used or pulled) £25 SOLD


100x Hornady No.22810 Vmax 120gr (box open but none used or pulled) £30

191+21 pulled (Total 212) Hornady No. 28202 SST 139gr (Open boxes and sorted by base to Ogive) £60 for the lot

113x +17 pulled (Total 130) Hornady No. 28402 162gr A-Max (Open boxes) £35

50x Nosler 160gr Partition (box open but none used or pulled) £40

74x Nosler 160gr Accubond No. 54932 (in two open boxes, none pulled) £35 for 50, £50 for all 74, £17 for 24 SOLD PENDING FUNDS

40x Swift Scirocco 150gr £15 SOLD


100x Hornady No. 2453 BTSP 100gr £20 SOLD

32x Hornady No. 2440 Soft-point 87gr £10 SOLD

60x Hornady No. 22440 V-Max 87gr £18 SOLD

84x Lapua Scenar 105gr £32

170x +18 pulled (Total 188) Sierra No. 4100 Gamechanger/TGK 90gr (one box open, one of 100x sealed) £40 per unopened box of 100, £63 for all, £30 for 88 ALL SOLD

53x Barnes No.24372 Varmint Grenade 62gr HP £15 SOLD


100x Hornady No. 22792 A-Max 75gr £32 SOLD

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