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For Sale: Bullets - Various Calibres


Well-Known Member
Prices based on what I can find online. Target bullets can be posted but expanding cannot of course. I'll have to work out postage based on the weight of course.

Offers welcome and bundle deals available

130 x 32gr VMAX - £20
25 x 32gr VMAX - free with above

450 x 40gr VMAX - £70

6mm / .243
80 x Swift Scirocco II Bonded - £10
100 x Nosler 90gr Spitzer - £20
90 x 87gr VMAX - £18
100 x 58gr VMAX - £20

These remnants are free if you buy all the above!
15 x 65gr VMAX
30 x Sierra GameKing 100gr Spitzer BT
30 x Hornady 87gr BTHP
15 x Nosler 95gr Spitzer

200 x Berger 130 VLD Match Grade - £35 per 100
700 x 123gr SMK HPBT - £27.50 per 100
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I'd have the 70 grain Ballistic Tips, but never get to your part of the world any more. Do you get to any other areas of the country?


Well-Known Member
Ill take the 250 Nozler 70g & 100 80g asuming the 70s are the purple tip?

I can collect just PM me your address



Well-Known Member
100 x Nosler Ballistic 80gr Spitzer - £20
250 x Nosler Ballistic 70gr Spitzer - £50

Sold to Chaser - Thanks!