Bunny burgers


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Does anyone have suggestions for bunny burgers? What ratio of rabbit to fat? Any spice mixes that you enjoy more then others?

Thanks in advance


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I use bacon/ lardons 10% and run it through the mincer then bind/ season with mix of egg yolk, salt, pepper, bit of mustard powder and bit of gf flour and that’s it.
Or full choke body shot with 20g and just throw the pre minced pile on the grill....


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80/20 rabbit to minced pork belly or if you can get them those cheaper packs of "mishaped bacon" fattier the better....
bit of onion powder, garlic powder and pepper..... then heap of finely diced white onion and heap of grated cheddar .....mix up and

bunny cheese and onion burger ......goes well with bbq sauce.