Burris Four X thoughts


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Hello All,

I currently use a meopta artemis 3-12x50 on my 223 and currently in the market for a illuminated dot reticule scope.

Is the burris 4x any good for the money I am going to my local rfd on thursday to have a look at one,

Are there any others at that price point I should have a look at or consider when in store,

They do carry some used/2nd hand ones in usually also, My budget is about £600/£650


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I cant comment on the burris unfortunatly but i have a minox zx5i 3x15x56 that i bought just over a year ago for just over £600 and i am very pleased with it. Get a look through as many scopes as you can before you buy, thats probably the best advise although its not always that easy. Good luck


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I brought a tikka package a few years back and the scope included was the burris four x 3-12x56 .

The scope was nice and clear not as crisp as the better brand's but ok. Until I noticed a spec on the lense, continued to shoot and it kept jumping around. Contamination within the workings. I sent it back and got a brand new replacement but it dosent say much for there quality control. I then sold it and brought a Zeiss.


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Try Delta titanium 2.5-15x56 illuminated - I don't think you would be disappointed - also look at Richard Uttings on u tube where he conducts comparison tests including the Delta


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I have a Meopta 7x50 on one of my rifles. I got rid of a Burris 3.5-10x50 to purchase it. The Burris was good but the Meopta is better optically. If I was getting rid of my Meopta (I won't be) I would be going for a Swarovski, zeiss, doctor or Leica. Maybe a Steiner. Having had an illuminated reticle before, I didn't really use it. Glass quality is worth more to me than a red dot, for both stalking and on the lamp


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Hello All, I did take a look through a couple of scopes over the weekend

Went through some second hand ones and new Vortex, Burris and a Hawke Endurance 30WA SF,

My budget took a bit of a hit due to a last min holiday booking off to tenerife in less than 2 weeks ha ha

Anyways as a result of that I looked through a few and they had a used FourX 3-12x56 in and have offered good money for
my artemis so I went with that for now can always change at a later date,

I would of had a look at meopta meostars, docter, minox and the like but due to a great holiday deal I had to lower my sights pardon the pun
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