Bursary stalk with Lee6.5x55

Well, having won the bidding on Bursary stalk two, I made contact with Lee and arranged to meet him at his place before first light. Lee had already explained that the reds were being miserable and sticking tight in the woods, so the local roe population would be our target.
Weather check the night before gave out heavy rain all day, so a good surprise to wake and find it was dry with light breeze.

Arrived at Lee's place 5am prompt and after intro, gear loaded and of we went to our first spot, a lovely small area of fields and good hedgerow to provide cover.
stalked and glassed for about an hour and thinking of heading to another spot when I spotted a ghostly, light grey figure through a distant hedge. Bino's focused and there she was, a nice doe strolling along in the next field.
Lee immediately directed me to the end of the of hedgerow and said that we should see the whole field from there.

Upon reaching the opening, we saw her stood approximately 100yds away, broadside on. It was at this point, that I lifted my new quad sticks into position and realised that I should have practiced opening them a little more as it took several attempts before they opened with that horrible wood on wood squeak. I looked up and fully expected the doe to be running for the next county but no such thing, she was still standing with her head down, nibbling on some tasty morsel.
Rifle then quickly off shoulder and onto sticks. As soon as I looked at her through the scope, she slowly turned and walked down a banking and out of sight, obviously bored at waiting for me to take the shot.
At no point did she appear spooked, and seemed as if she didn't have a care in the world. This to me shows that the local deer are not pressured and nervous.

As we decided to move on, I told Lee that no matter what the day now had in store, he had quickly put me onto a deer and it was my fumbling that meant there wasn't one in the chiller.

Off to the next spot and we had only walked 20yds from the vehicle when we spotted a mother and daughter some 100 yds away at the edge of a wood. A quick walk into the wood and we came on them at what for me was a nerve tingling 30yds. No issues with my sticks this time (used Lee's)
By now mother was looking straight at us head on, whilst her daughter was broadside, stamping a leg and showing that she wasn't happy. Eye to the scope and red dot placed behind left shoulder before firing. Both mother and daughter immediately ran to our right, out of sight. We looked at each other in confusion as neither of us heard the usual thud of a bullet strike and feared I had missed.

As we waited a few seconds, mother, minus her daughter ran out into the field and quickly made off. Now more confident that it wasn't a missed shot, a a short search found her down in a ditch some 20yds away. The bullet had entered slightly back of her left shoulder and exited with a 50pence sized hole after taking out both lungs and top of heart. We assumed that there wasn't the usual thud of a bullet strike due to Barnes TTSX at close range.

All in all, a great day with Lee who really knows his ground, was a fantastic host and is a credit to SD.



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paul ,

you were a pleaure to guide , and believe what turned up half hour after you left ........ yep my leica's ! sods law , but father in laws coliderscopes got me out of a muggers buddle !

​it was a cracking morning im glad you enjoyed it .