Bushnell fusion range finder binoculars


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I got chance to try the ones a shooting buddy of mine has and they were good.

The range finder is very quick and it was as accurate as my Zeiss to the same range (1200yards) only the Bushnell 1600 went a lot further (1800 yards although bushnell only claim 1600).

The low light performance was as good as my Meopta 7 X 50 although the greater mag of the Bushnell allowed us to identify rabbits at 650 metres which the scope had trouble with.

In the real low light at closer range (200 yards) there was very little in it.

Compared it to Zeiss binos at twice the price I wouldn't expect it to be a match although from other comparisons I read on the web it holds its' own.

I went to buy a pair a few months ago but I replaced the 4x4 instead, although I will be buying some in the new year.


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I have some. Dont much like them, Optically inferior to my swaros and the back up service is poor by comparison as well. Obviously I am not comparing like with like. The rangefinder seems to work well.