butchering and skinning classes


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We are looking to offer a class next month for about 5 people ,it will about 3 _4hours long and we will go though the skinning of muntjac and roe and full butchery of the Munt jac including sausage making,each student Will have a muntjac off there own to skin and butcher witch Will be provided by us and that is your to take home with everything that you have prepared on the course ,it will be held at are butchers shop in Lavenham in Suffolk ,We are running a game night on Thursday evening witch is fully booked but I will put some pitchers up pm me if you are interested in taking part .phone the shop om 01787 247226
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I attended this great course yesterday and it was jam packed full of useful info and tips for anyone who is either starting out in deer stalking or like me wanting to improve their knife skills in the kitchen.
The atmosphere was really relaxed and Greg and Gareth were great hosts, they covered everything including deer biology, carcass handling, skinning, and complete butchery of the carcass. We all had a deer to skin and butcher each and were taken through each stage at a comfortable pace. We all left with 2 boned, rolled haunches, a French dressed rack, 2 shanks, some casserole meat, a big bag of sausages, and a whole bunch of new skills - oh and they laid on venison burgers for lunch!

All in all a great value day full of information, thanks guys.

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