Butchering links to help members


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There have been a few posts over time with regards to butchering deer. A couple of members have done excellent step by steps and I know there are also links to sites out there that can help members.

My idea is to put all links in one thread so that they can be found by one and all when looking for info on butchering.

I would like to keep this thread to links only no other messages to make them easy to find.

I'll start off posting links to a couple of members step by steps and also 4 videos.

If anyone has any other links please post them here. I hope people will find this useful.


skinning roe deer

roe deer part 1

roe deer part 2

roe deer part 3

butchering lamb


re'M'ington step by step

stone step by step

If any one has any butchery dvd's please send me a private message.

Hope this will be useful



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Excellent idea thanks for collating the information i am sure it will be of help to those who find the task daunting.


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The butcher is called Paul Craddock and he owns a small farm shop and tea room in co Durham,a cracking little place which is now diversifying into a lot of venison salami and smoked fillets,and cured sausage.its well worth a look,they do a cracking steak night on the last Friday of every month but you have to book.like I say worth a look just out the bottom of trimdon village:D


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I'll have to share this with my shooting buddy. He nearly chucked his guts a couple of days ago at the smell of one of our "victims." :)


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If anyone has any videos they think I should add to the playlist, pm me the link and ill add it in.



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Efficient, maybe; but I think the "taste test" might have something to say about the method...

I don't think he'll easily replace the surgeon recently embroiled in controversy either!

But the genetic whitetail buck sale video shows some pretty impressive animals.