Who do you get to do the butchering of your quarry? I am looking for a freelance butcher in nottinghamshire if anyone knows any or someone who could butcher for me.


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cutting up

have a go at it your self it good fun :lol:
i always end up with a lot for stews :evil:
but i'm getting there slowly :evil: :evil:


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have a look on utube ,, there are loads of videos on how to butcher a deer, the guy talks you through every stage.......
Just search for " roe deer butchery" on utube...
best of luck McStalk.


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I have always found if you offer a butcher a carcass as payment to butcher your carcass there is a willing butcher out there.


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re'M'ington did an excellent piece last month on butchering your deer, should have been made a "sticky"
Learn how to do it yourself, makes your kill all the more satisfying.


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North Country Boy said:
Who do you get to do the butchering of your quarry? I am looking for a freelance butcher in nottinghamshire if anyone knows any or someone who could butcher for me.
Can,t help you with a butcher , as i do all my own butchery,
it was through trail and error , also watching and asking an ex butcher how to do things so i was lucky in that respect
Here's a series of pics that might help you get started

This is what i like to do :)

A Fallow doe already skinned

i remove the shoulders first
i cut across the chest just above the shoulder blade

then cut the flesh away from the rib cage by running the knife down tight against the ribs peeling the flesh back and then again cutting down the back bone
this then starts to get the whole shoulder starting to fall away

i then take the other shoulder off and go strip the meat off both shoulders
one shoulder has been stripped and about to start the other , as you can see a pile of cut up meat starting to form on the right of the unstripped shoulder, you can bone and roll the shoulder or just use the whole shoulder as a joint

next i start with the loin or saddle
this i cut into chops or medallions
i cut across the flank just below the haunches

and cut down the rib cage leaving a genouros piece of fatty flank

i then cut down the back bone peeling the loin away and also cut the flank away from the ribcage

this then leaves me a good long pice of meat with a bit of fat on it

which i then fold over

and start to slice thumb width thick chops off it

next i start on the haunches

by cutting around the edge of the pelvic bone and along the back bone

i then start to cut around the ball joint

leaving me a whole haunch to then start to debone

the hauch is the cut into 2 pieces
one as a joint

the other is placed in the freezer for a couple of hours to go solid then is sliced into steaks

now you also should of accummilated a pile of meat that you hav cut of the shoulders and exces bits from the chops and from the steaks
this i normally either cube the best bits and mince the rest

a few of the trays of mince , cubed ,joints and chops ready to be packaged

on the over wrapper ready and waiting

and finished product

last job
into the freezer

this is what i do with the bulk of my deer i shoot for my own freezer, others will hav different ways and also different choices of cuts of meat
plus there are other bits i hav not mentioned here like the liver, heart, kidneys ..etc etc
must not forget the best bit....the fillet
some people regard that as there favourite bit of all , i often flash fry it with a bit of deer liver and put it between a couple of crusts , perfect as a sunday morning starter to the day

hope this helps



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Thanks for that, a couple great tips and ideas for better presentation.

What is the trade name for that machine you use for sealing the shrink wrap?

Rgds Ian


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It is called an overwrapping machine. I purchased one for £40 from a butchers that was closing down. The trays and film are readily available fron Scobies direct and it definately improves the overall presentation of the meat. The only downside is that it is impossible to get all of the air out of the packaging so freezer burn is more likely. For this reason I think my next purchase will be a good vacuum packer to replace it.


thanks for all your replies, given me a bit more confidence to tackle it maybe not by myself but with a bit of help from one or two of this forums members.


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glad it has been of some help
and thank you for showing your appreciation, ;)
i agree totally about what you say about the wrapper and the assoicated problems with freezer burn
but like you said £40 of ebay can't fault it :D

i do hav a vac-pac but only a domestic one so it is very costly and time consuming :evil:
one day i hope to get a commercial one
but for now just hav to eat more venison to prevent the burn setting in :D :D
or just double bag it :lol:


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hi rich,is there any chance you'll be putting these pics on a dvd in the near future maybe with some of the gralloch,for a small fee? ;) im sure I would'nt be the only one interested.andy

andy stalker

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if any sd members would like to travel to tunbrige wells in kent and bring their deer carcass i will give them a butchery lesson free of charge.

i process around 350-400 deer a year so a couple more wont hurt anyone intrested send me a pm



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Cant say as I know any butchers around notts but if you want someone to butcher deer for you I would have a few suggestions;

- ask a butcher :eek: I actually asked a young lad working in the coop butchers if he would show me how to prepare a carcase. I paid him £20 and he taught me the basics. Its a conversation you have to start carefully as asking if the butcher would like to earn a few quid at your house one night could end really badly :eek: :lol: Joking apart dont be afraid to ask, at worst they will say no.

- try a rural butcher, (ruddington way theres a good one). They often butcher their own carcases and will consider doing yours, especially if they get to keep some meat

- try the local game dealers, alot of them now sell venison to pubs etc. If they dont prep it themselves they will know who will.

I agree prepping your own is good fun and we should all do it, on the other hand there are definately times when taking the carcase down the road, parting with a few notes, and picking it up in trays a few days later can be a real life saver.

good luck