Butchery Knives !


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In the market for the above.
Should I get a set as advertised in various outlets or do I pick out individual knives ?
Are there knives in a set let say that I don't need ?
Suggestions most welcome !

Thanks Guys,



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Gd troth seemed to have some great gear at lowther. Had a couple off him for the house and they have been excellent over a couple of years


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Personally I would say avoid any game specific and/or special offers. Not sure who sells them but ' United Outdoor Series' sets are absolute cat. Having quietly got rid of the last of those offending useless articles, I've just been given the same set as a replacement. Aaaaargh! They don't come with an edge and Jack the Ripper couldn't put one on them ! Seriously if you won't use it in the kitchen then it won't be any good in the larder. If you can keep them for your own use you won't need too many. A good boning knife and a proper butcher's saw will do a lot of work.


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scobies direct bud

get the 6" or 7" victorinox boning knife with the fibrox handle.... don't need that much more to be honest....cheap good knifes and easy to clean dishwasher safe etc

use my few for skinning and larder work
Everyone has personal preferences when it comes to knives so one range which suits all is pretty much impossible.

We listed a profile on our site a while back which seems popular which covers wide boning/filleting knives, narrow boning, curved boning, steak knives etc.

All the leading market brands will serve any stalker or lardering operation well for years, we chose the Mora brand based on great price point & reputation.

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