Butt tool


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Think of all the fun you can have by asking people to" Hey smell the end of this! :lol:

This product was shown about twelve months ago in the Sporting rifle's 'Whats new section'.


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Well if the dukes are itching using one of those would definitely introduce some diversionary pain, that much is for sure. Seems like a good idea to somebody I'm sure but it must be a beggar (b*gger?) to clean. :eek:


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Nah! Just distract the Mrs whilst shes doing the washing up, throw it in the bowl along with the plates and cutlery and act all surprised when she goes off her head! :lol:


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oh on a deer..... and thier i was already to answer.

they have been plugging these on the american forums for a bit. they bang on about them a lot.


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butt plug

Yesterday i said to mrs swampy before i went to work "Mrs Swampy, for christmas i would like one of them new butt reamers"

today a frightful looking package has arrived from a company called "backdoor lovin'.com"

I am a bit worried about what christmas night may bring.


(sitting on a wheelbarrow inner tube)


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Re: it's here

swampy said:
I got one, man, it looks f****** deadly. I can't see where the batteries go in it
There probably solar powered mate and they may more than likly work just as well at night but you have to have a full moon(y) :D