Buttolo call....blocking holes??!!

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On the instructions, it suggests if useing one handed to block the two side holes with bits off wood. Does any one do this, and also do you extend the little ball on the end or push it in???



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Hi Duncs
the sticks in the hole is i believe to soften the sound but a easier way would to hold it in your pocket no need for blocking the holes then and gives same result .as for the ball at the end i am at a loss as i do not touch it and it works great for me
good luck .


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duncs you could also hold the caller the other way round, with the smaller holed side,in the palm of your hand , that dampens the pitch down a lot then turn it back to the way the diagram shows for a higher pitch or like lady stalker has mentioned , put in in your pocket and squeeze


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Just keep it in your pocket, as an added bonus you can't drop the bugger either :D



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l stuck a small bit of ducktape over one of the holes and still use it my pocket, works a treat :D .

Offroad Gary

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the pro stalker i was out with the other night had his in a cloth bag so he could hold binoculars with both hands while calling.
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