Buttolo call

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Richard Parsons

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Hi everyone,
Can anyone tell me the best way to use a Buttolo call? There is a very old buck I have been told to shoot but have only seen him once, despite
several stakeouts. Starting to get frustrated :confused: .....hoping to go out next week sometime, so any hints or stories on successes will be really appreciated.

Thanks guys/gals.


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Dont use the call untill the rut has started mate. If you do they wont show real interest and you will only educate them. On 1 bit of ground I have I have a good old buck which I want to take out as there are continentals on the opposite fence. Last year I seen him 3 times!! Missed the bugger twice once done by bust mounts and the second time I rushed a neck shot!! the 3rd time I called him during the rut well he came so far stomping and snorting but I couldnt get a clean shot!! I managed to stalk into 60ydish he was going beserk thrashing everything on site and was positively foaming at the mouth oh how I wound him up. But he would not show himself for a good shot! I put this down to the twice I missed him!! Both times in the same area just behind where I stood and watched him go bonkers!


Richard Parsons

Well-Known Member
Many thanks.....

Great advice, thanks. A bit like over lamping I guess.....less is more and the time has to be right.....will exercise more patience next outing!

Cheers nuttyspaniel.
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