Buying on SD classifieds

norma 308

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done some good deals with nice folk up to a couple of grand no bother at all inc scopes binos clothing rifles boots ......... loads of stuff great place to find stalking goodies


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Bought and sold items to people all over the world in small numbers , goods paid for and shipped , and happily received with no real problems

I've on occasion had to send a picture of my FAC to a buyer if they are transferring a chunk of money which is no problem if they get peace of mind

I find it better on here than Eblag

paul o'

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???? had a Bad deal ??
never been turned over yet but had a few try there luck to pull me pants down :rofl: ? . Just got a cracking Ruger .308 mk1 it just needed TLC and stock work cheap as chips so i'am happy with what I have found on the site .


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I believe most folk are honest, however be careful some people like (old tika)
Will have you over.
Bought some mounts off him, not what he said they where. Then no reply.


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You think that because you are on the same forum and share an interest that people are more likely to be straight with you. Which would be a wrong assumption. I suppose there is some truth in saying that if you have a firearm or shotgun certificate you can't be a real bad guy though. You would think. So it makes sense to take the same precautions as you would if you were buying privately elsewhere.

Having said that, I haven't had a bad deal on here.


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Bought & sold on here without any problems whatsoever and have often sent items out on approval. I would say that I see it as a better place to buy rather than sell as prices realised seem to often be lower than I would expect.


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I've bought and sold many items on here and never had a problem. In fact I've met some real good friends through some of the deals I've done on SD!
Yes there is always the possibility of a deal going belly up on here just as there is with any other Internet site that sells things.
Maybe I have been plain lucky so far so thanks to all the members out there who I have bought from and sold to!


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Never had a problem from a few quid too a rifle,everyones been great,not sure if its me but i allways keep and log their details so next time i just look up who i,ve allready dealt with,hope you sort it,,,:thumb: atb doug,


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I've just posted an ultrasonic cleaner to a forum member who showed interest when I said it was redundant in this thread

The gentleman asked if I was interested in selling it, so I replied that I was happy to send it to him FOC so long as postage is not too expensive, and he said he was happy to pay postage fees and I replied that if he wishes to make a small reimbursement then please use the money to support SD website. The way I see it, he gets something and the SD website gets something from it too.