C,mon tell the truth


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Ok chaps this is what happened ,I had until yesterday 2 full days woodland stalking ,cold, wet , miserable and not so much as seen a deer ,plenty of slots , and the new rifle yet to be christened, Spent a couple of hours on the range yesterday and it was then suggested that we spend the last of the light in a seat . Had been sat there about an hour and seen nothing ,it wasn,t looking good, the light was starting to go it was bl##dy cold ,then my mentor grabs my arm , Fox moving right to left about 80meters ,take it if you want he said ,I had it in the cross hairs in a second but it wasn,t stopping for nothing,I gave a squeek and it paused ,lined the cross hairs up bang on the chest this is it i thought squeezed the trigger .......and nothing, safety was still, on the Fox shot me the finger and carried on into the wood. But had I shot Charlie I don,t suppose I would have shot the roe doe that appeared 15 mins later, So surely I,m not the first to have done this ??? lets hear your stories. Brough


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Nice story there Brough.

Been there, done it and got the T shirt, your not on your own



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last year whilst stalking on a friends permission we got within 80yds of a medal roe buck, he signalled to take it so i lined it up and squeezed the trigger and nothing happened, i'd done the same thing, flicked the safety off at about the same time he realised something was up and legged it. i reckon my "mate" was probably waving his arms about behind me so he could shoot it later. :oops:


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similar story ish,
stalking one evening out on exmoor very exposed area daytime temp around -2c bitter north easterly force 6/7 blowing right at me, being keen as am arrived a bit early around 2.30pm(dark at about 5ish) decided to lie behind a bank as it was the only shelter around apart from the hedge that the deer might come over.
Got very very cold so i got into my roe sack must have fallen asleep as the next thing i feel somthing on my leg, jump up with such a fright forgeting i was in a roe bag which i must have rolled into the bottom of i panic and roll down the bank i am on. out of that panic i litterally rip the bag apart to get out. feeling my leg i am coming to a bit now and realise that it is my mobile phone on vibrate in my pocket answer in a daze and just start laughing at the person on the other end. (i think it just confirmened the fact that they think i am mad)
Funniest thing was that when i looked over the bank 50 yards away 15 reds were in front of me happily feeding away, obivious to my drama.
i managed a pricket!!
I have however learned a lesson about keeping warm as this could have hypothermia! and were it not for that phone i might not be here today.
Brough you are not alone in your mistake this time i was lucky
can i ask did you flinch when you were pulling the trigger and expecting the shot ? i find flinching more embarrassing than leaving the safety on or just not loading the rifle.
Regards mark.


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well my confession is slightly different
about 12 months ago
i invited tika 308 (Andy)for a days stalking
in the attempt to get him his first deer
morning stalk was as i expected saw a few but no great chances well not for Andy anyway
so after a fantastic breakfast cooked by .....ME
we went back out for the afternoon stalk
knowing where we would be going should produce fallow in numbers
as soon as we got there we saw a munty doe ,a good one to take i do admit but not really what we were after
but hell what would Andy care, it would of been his first and made his year
so we proceded in getting to a good point to shoot from
inturn he did miss , but hey it happens , so what
but as we walked on to check the area just to make sure it was a clean miss
i spotted a bunch of about 25 fallow in the distance,about 150 yrds away which was what i really was looking for in the first place
if Andy had not took the initial shot at the munty then we would of been right up close and personel to these fallow but i was desperate to make his outing with me a success and the munty came first
you live and learn :lol:
well i did
and i know Andy won't mind


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i remember it well stone,you sometimes you never know whats best in this game.if we had left the munty the fallow wouldnt have been there :rolleyes: you never know but its nice when a plan comes together.but thats stalking for you.


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Did a similar thing a while back while out with my boss, Just heading back to the car and i spot a fox about 400m away so i give the fox whistle a blast, charlie comes flat out and i quickly duck behind some bales and get ready on the bipod, at about 60m i give a little woof and he stands and click, when I loaded the rifle i the round hadn't been taken out of the magazine, i rip the bolt open to reload and the bloody mag falls on the deck. Game over, boss is ****ing himself, i'm not.



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Been there done that.

Shot a fox and bugger me minutes later a deer walks out sometimes its like the deaf of they just don't care but I never worry about shooting foxes would it be any different if a deer walked out? No course not, if there is one in there and its gonna walk out they usually do, gunshot or not.


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Week before last, I arrived at my stalking ground about 30 miles from home, & realised I had left my rifle bolt on my bedside table the night before - so that I wouldn't forget it :eek:


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DL said:
Week before last, I arrived at my stalking ground about 30 miles from home, & realised I had left my rifle bolt on my bedside table the night before - so that I wouldn't forget it :eek:
So that was what fell off when I took your Mrs a cup of tea in the morning!!!!! :)


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not me but funny --- on a trip north for stags last year. me and my mate Sam are sat in cottage discussing the next mornings stalk. he is saying how good his remmy .270 is.
wasnt that good the next morning when he had the bolt for his .243 with him :lol: :lol: :lol: