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Hi, looking for some advice on shooting cwd. Will be taking a farmers son out on his farm, just been informed that he has an abundance of Munty, and cwd. What is the best way of shooting them. Highseat work, or stalking. The conversation has been based largley on marshes at the edge of woodland. Anyway, going up to let heim shoot a Munty, hours in the car......but if I get the chance at a cwd in November I am sure it will be worth it! Any info on them, tactics would be great. Thanks.


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Well forget it if its blowing hard and raining, Chinks hate this type of weather. The area I have in November you will find them in the hedgerows or out in the middle of the fields that have stubble left on them or those fileds oversown with Rape.
They are easily missed as they will lay in the tractor ruts or old tram lines and hunker down, normally all you see is the tops of their round ears.

The best time for a Buck is Christmas or just after, this is their rutting time. November you will often see three or more together. Be careful this is often a doe with that years young, they will all look the same and will be the same size.

With a Buck its often body language that gives them away rather than their teeth protruding, which can be very difficult to see. One tip is when they are grazing look for grass sticking out of either side of the mouth, this is usually a sign of a buck with reasonable teeth. You will be suprised how flexible those fangs can be, and how they can hide them away.

If you can take a spotting scope with you. If you do miss or spook the deer, they cans ometimes run round in a big circle and almost come back on themselves, a little bit like a Hare.

Hope this helps, good luck and let us know how you get on. ;)


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And that is why I love this site. Many thanks......November is going to be a long wait!!
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