CAB dog transit box.


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Large CAB dog transit box in model CAB2. Double alloy door with lock latches, top 3 1/2" tray, drain plug, side hand holes, side mesh vents in perfect clean condition.
I had this made for a Discovery commercial and it cost £500.
Looking at £375 collected.
Had 5 gundogs in it (3 springers, 1 Lab and 1 Chesapeake).
Big waiting list on these the Rolls Royce of dog boxes.
On Ebay they seem to sell for list in this condition.


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for once I have to agree with old misery guts ! the cab boxes are the dogs danglies , I had a custom one in the back of my landcruiser and it beat my current steel K9 box hands down !

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Norma... i just noticed your reply. I will measure the CAB and post the dimensions tomorrow.