Calling a Hampshire Roebuck

Hi All
Thought I would show you this clip of one of a buck we called in Hampshire the weekend. My mate Mat was doing the shooting and I was doing the calling on this one.
As a novice Roe caller I doubt I was using the call correctly but it seemed to work ok.



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Fantastic Wayne, did well.

Looked perfect bullet strike also.

In the last 40 seconds or there abouts, you can see a couple of deer running from the top centre of the picture also.

Good Clip.



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Thats very nice Wayne you must be building up quite a library by now. You will have to start taking a tripod with you and leaving the gun at home, let your mate do the shooting and you can film him :eek:

Up until you explained the other two deer I thought you were have outstanding success with the caller.


Offroad Gary

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Fantastic Wayne.

i find if you lay of the local brew the night before your hand is a lot steadier ;)

if you ever need someone to film shooting your deer...... ;)
Hi John
The camera adds another dimension to the stalking but I still prefer to carry the rifle ;) but I must admit I think I get more excited calling for someone else than if I am doing the shooting.

You of all people must know how hard it is to keep the camera steady when your squeezing something in your pocket ;) :lol:


As for the shooting you know where I am just shout.



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thanks wayne an informative use of the butulo for sure i think i could use one with more confidance now after listening / watching your video.

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You of all people must know how hard it is to keep the camera steady when your squeezing something in your pocket ;) :lol:
Wayne, i havent had the pleasure of holding something in my pocket at the same time as a camera, but i have developed a technique of using the call in my pocket with the rifle on the bipod. it must look like i found a wormhole :lol:
Cheers Re'M'ington I intend to.

Xim I wouldn't take it that that is the correct way to do it :rolleyes:
One buck last weekend responded to little squeaks but with the last buck I shot I had to nearly stamp up and down on the call to get him to even think about coming in and then he stopped at 100 yds and lost interest.
What seems to work for me is too start quiet and then get louder until I get a reaction.


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Wayne you know there aint no roe in hereford, although there was one dead by the raglan services the other day but it may have had a lift there as its back end was missing (strange).

Power of the mind aye, ive tried that on the mrs for the last twenty odd years (and i mean odd) with no success, so i will stick to calling..

PS as i dont have sound and could not hear how you done it, between you and me what do you call them :D :D :D
Hi Apollo
We got a couple of roe on our pig ground and we shot a roe this year at Peterchurch. I got quite a few on my ground the other side of Leominster and a couple of months ago I had a young buck run down the road in front of me right by work so getting more :D

I normally call them a "buck" but the one Mat shot with the sh*ts last weekend he called a **/-**/./*;'/*'@ little stinking */@/**@;,<* or something like that :lol: :lol:


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We have seen a roe buck near monmouth over a year ago, lamping at the time but not seen since, we had some near our fallow ground but someone took over the shooting in a near by wood and no roe no more :evil:


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Nice work Wayne. ;)

You must have been doing something right mate for that buck to come in, keep doing it that way. ;)

When i have called them in before, mine have been slightly longer beeps, but i think they will come to almost any type of beep as they are that fired up and filled with adrenilin that they just want a sh*g.