Calling Roebucks

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Got one tonight with the buttolo he came a long way to the call. Has anyone had one this early on, normally don't get them coming till around the 17th but I think this weather is helping a lot is was perfect tonight for it.



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well done Sir :)

there's not hard an fast rules, don't listen to those who say it's too early, make your own rules, and challenge them daily :)


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well done andy . how did you get on with that scope pal . havent seen goerge or ross did you buy one

Erik Hamburger

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If everybody tells you you can only call-in bucks from mid-July (hmm, the 17th. ? ;) to mid-August, than it is reasonable to assume that most stalkers will only try it during that period.
However, I tried calling in a roe-buck on a very cold frosty and windy evening in April, earlier this year, and managed to get it from 200 Yards+ to within 20 yards and 'talking' to me. Again, I have succeeded calling in bucks in May, and in June, and earlier this month...
So never, ever believe the all means take their advise but continue to challenge what you are told.
Some people have advised me you 'spoil' the rut by using a call outside the rutting period, or somehow upset their natural behavior.
Well, I haven't seen any evidence of that yet, not on my ground anyway.
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