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d foxxer

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hi folks

can any one reccomend a decent camera that i could take hunting/stalking that will take half decent photos

but preferably of the flat digital type that can be put in a breast pocket of my hunting smock also easy to operate

i hav a little olympus d700 at the mo 4x zoom but dont know if its good enough for wildlife can any one suggest

somthing to upgrade to


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I would recommend Canon compacts, the Ixus and Powershot ranges. They use CCD sensors rather than CMOS for better image quality and their software is pretty straightforward if you aren't really into photography. The Ixus is a very compact version, the 220HS a good mid range camera in stainless steel. The Powershot D10 is waterproof and shockproof and with a 12.1MP almost made for the use you are likely to put it to.
If the two quoted are out of your price bracket there are others available in Canon's range of a lower spec which may fit the bill.

norma 308

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i have an olympus x-875 fits in my swanndri shirt pocket all my photos in my gallery are taken with it great little camera few years old now not expensive .


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I bought a Canon G12 camera last Christmas and it`s perfect. Takes great pictures and is easy to use.