Camping at the CLA, Ragley Hall ?


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That is steep! Luckily we get passes and camping as we are working dogs in the arena, but for that I would seriously have to think twice about it, can't help feeling that it is a rip off.

A couple who have a piece of land that I shoot on are CLA members, the Mrs has had a hip replacement so they contacted the CLA to see if they could sort close proximity parking, they were told that for £20 they could buy "Priority Parking" but that that did not guarantee close parking to the site ??? WTF!


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After camping at blenheim cla a few years back on a field littered in small stones and at them prices i for one wont be paying them prices again to camp. £ 80 for electric :rolleyes:

paul o'

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we were going to do as per the last 10+yrs two pitches i van three tents but not this year its cheaper to get a hotel for the six of us ,shame as we always have had a good 3day crack with the lads away


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I will be camping under my own roof in my king size bed, having a crap on my own toilet and having a huge breakfast cooked by me before the ten minute journey to ragley :D