the scudd

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Hi,i,m fairly new to stalking,i have shot 8 deer in 2 seasons
I have a bit off ground for stalking on but on my last 7 or 8 outings i have failed to find any deer to many poachers i think.
I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction for some stalking in wicklow,not interested in trophies would just like to get a nice stalk.
Sorry i forgot to mentionthere are 2 of us both hold dsc level 1 and all the relevent paperwork, deer liscence etc.hope someone can help ,thanks.the scudd.
PS. would even be interested in just tagging along cheers.


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Deer Stalking available in the area with the Croghan Valley Group. The Sika and Sika hybrids of the Wicklow mountains have achieved a worldwide reputation for quality. The Croghan Valley Group controls over 15,000 acrea of carefully managed stalking grounds holding substantial stocks of quality Sika and hybrids. For more info contact John Fenton @ 353 45 404947

Highly recommended - huge deer numbers and a flexible attitude ensures you get the stalking you want.

Rgds Ian