Can anyone recommend a good weather site for the UK?

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I'm looking for a weather site that gets it right for Scotland (impossible me thinks).

Has anyone got any good ones..?

thanks for any help ;)


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Hi Steve

I don't know about Scotland but I'm farming down in Suffolk and we rely heavily on an accurate forcast, we get our weather faxed through every morning from Weather Quest in Norwich then we look at the Met office and the BBC, we find that both of these are pretty reliable, although rain tends to be an hour later than is usually forcast!

I hope this helps, although as you rightly say the weather in Scotland takes some predicting!

Best regards



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I use these two, and they are usually pretty accurate:


The second one is a good one as you can look at 24 hrs up to 2 weeks in detail.


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I use metcheck too. It seems as reliable as I have found any weather forecasting to be.



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Third recommendation for Metcheck - generally accurate to within 1/2 hour!!

For shooting light, simply take 40 minutes off the local sunrise posted at the top of the page.

rgds Ian :)


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Hmm at 11pm friday metcheck said it would rain here at mid day sat, until 4pm

we didnt get any, but we did all the short drives thinking we would get a soaking. :rolleyes:


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Used to be a meterologist in the RN. Stick with the Met Office information, unless you want to interpret charts. Don't rely on anything looking further than 48 hours ahead. The Metcheck 7-day forecasts are infamously unreliable.
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