Can we have a post preview function?

Little Terry

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With the number of users on the site increasing rapidly and hence the number of daily posts doing the same, is there any chance that we could have a preview function?

I mean where the first few lines/paragraph of the first post appear when holding the mouse over the title. It might seem trivial, but it saves lots of time when searching throught the posts and reduces time spent clicking on irrelevant posts.

I find some of the titles that people use a bit cryptic!

It is a feature on another forum i frequent and i like it.

Just a thought.



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A great idea.

As for the sites growning head count. You'll find only a small proportion actually post. The list shows over 800 names who have never made a single post :eek: 300+ who have only ever posted once, and less than 350 have made it into double figures. :eek: :eek:


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:D :D


Talk about ironic I've just discovered that very function.

Perhaps if it as in a more prominent position and in bolder type more people who know it was there and make use of it.