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Wanted: Can you help please


Well-Known Member
I have no idea what it's called but here goes ?

I am looking for the small white shell holder thing that fits to the top of the RCBS hand primer for doing small primer inserts, I also need the small primer rod that you use with it,

May I ask if you have it and no longer need it to drop me a pm, or if you have the correct description /name so that I can try and find them on the net,

Regards and thanks


paul o'

Well-Known Member
can't help mty but they come in two parts

1 7-90201 Hand Priming Tool Body
2 7-90202 Handle
3 1-90203 Primer Feed, Large, Right Half

3 1-90205 Primer Feed, Small, Right Half
4 1-90204 Primer Feed, Large, Left HalF

4 1-90206 Primer Feed, Small, Left Half
5 1-90207 Primer Tray Lid
6 1-90208 Primer Tray
7 7-90220 Pivot Link Assembly
8 7-90211 Safety Gate Screw
9 7-90212 Handle Pin
10 7-90213 Primer Rod, Small
10 7-90214 Primer Rod, Large
11 7-90215 Link Follower
12 1-90221 Safety Gate Assembly
13 1-90217 Return Spring
14 1-87670 Retaining Ring (2)
15 Shell Holder (Not Supplied)Tool

Clean the primer tray and dispensers every 500 rounds to prevent the build-up of primer dust.
Occasionally lubricate the pivot link assembly with a drop of light oil. Remember, oil will contaminate
primers and cause misfires. Avoid using too much lubricant on the tool.
TRY Brownells UK the old Midway UK the same search will find them or call:
0845 22 66 055


Well-Known Member
You can b8ut ask i may be sitting on 5
Mark it's for Steve (the young gun) who had the 6mmbr dies of you, he is starting to find things missing from purchases he has made when buying from other places, so he learning the hard way sadly.

Can you let me know how much for the small primer feed,(white one )and the small primer rod for the small primers please,