Canadian hunter


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Hi all and thank you for allowing me to join your forum. I am quite handy with rifles and pistols repairing and cleaning. I am from Williams Lake BC Canada. It's a beautiful place for hunting and trapping. I hope you all can help me and maybe I can help one or two of you!!


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welcome, I love Canada, especially when younger and fitter.

we have lots of hunting and shooting opportunities over here in UK
but we havnt got that wilderness experience you have


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hopefully you will post some of your hunting trips on here for us to read i like the different ways of hunting around the world, atb and enjoy your stay wayne


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Welcome, it is always good to hear from people with differing hunting/shooting experiences. A bit of cross fertilisation is good (in the best possible taste).


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Welcome aboard mate I've been to Canada twice great country and people hope you enjoy SD bazil eh!