Canned dog food,no not that sort

The Singing Stalker

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Well personally I think if there is a market for it then why not. People are so squeamish about thing because of the (my words) Disney effect. Meat is meat and if there is a market in one place and a surplus in another then why not meet the needs and fill it.


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Dont see a problem ,some people eat dog ,Aus has lotsa spare wild dogs .There,s a market probably in Korea /Asia and its better than them being left to rot at the roadside.And im with you in not wanting it for sunday lunch


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Wow thats mental I had no idea there were that many. I always thought of dingos as being rare for some reason. Do they not attack people?


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About 4 years back the plan was to do the same with the wild camel population in Aus. Thing is folks are generally very conservative in that market. If its not beef, lamb, pork or chicken then its not on the menu. It'd have to be export.

I remember my first combined burns night/ Australia day BBQ, we invited all my aussie mates round and had a great old time. Later on all the girls were asking where I got the snags from as they really enjoyed them. When I told them they were 'roo their jaws about hit the floor. Most of them had never, and would never, consider eating it. Something to do with Skippy.

I like to think that I helped develop their sense of culinary adventure. Sadly, I don't think it worked.