Wanted: Cape Town - 1 day hunt + safari


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I am coming to Cape Town over Christmas/ New Year on holiday with my gf.

I may be able to get a day or two "off" to do some hunting and fishing. Are there any outfitters here or do people have any good recommendations of outfitters who could help?

We'd also be looking to do a safari if possible.

First time to Africa, so this is more of a taster before coming back for a proper trip in the near future.


White Hart

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I've worked down in Cape Town quite a bit but never hunted there due to time and also lack of hunting in the immediate area.

For a Game Reserve experience, not a safari though I can recommend Buffelsfontein - http://buffelsfontein.co.za/

If you need a guide / driver while your there I can highly recommend Handre Grobbelaar who is a good friend of mine. Handre is the owner of West Coast Link - http://www.westcoastlink.co.za/

You'll have a lovely time down there...



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My first trip was to a place not far from Cape town, not sure if the PH still has access to it but it was a large piece of ground around a chemical plant !

So there is some about near cape town if you search hard enough!

Safari Hunter

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If you can make it a few days longer and come to the Eastern Cape I can help you out. Plenty of Big 5 game reserves near us and also Addo Elephant Park. Unfortunately not Cape Town though.


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Thank you, everyone. All very helpful.

i'll make a few phone calls and see where we get.

Patrick, Adrian, I'll be in touch to discuss a proper trip later in the year.