Carbon Fibre Shooting Sticks


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Hi all,
I'm looking to make my own shooting sticks at some point and play around with some carbon fibre tubing. I've managed to source most of the components I need but am struggling to find anywhere that stocks the ground spikes for the ends of the poles.
Does anyone know where to get them or what they're actually called? I keep getting ski pole spares, tent pole spares and walking stick ferrules coming up :-|. Looking at using 12mm internal diameter tubes to begin with and see what the rigidity is like or if acceptable.
If you've done it before or have any pointers it would be great to hear from you! Cheers, Baggy


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Bizarrely, I spoke to a carbon tube supplier today, contemplating the same idea. I was thinking about telescoping 2 sections - 22mm OD & 19mm OD. They supply locking levers as a stock item.


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My thoughts exactly Simon! was going to try the tele project next and see how they run. Have you got the details of the company? Couldn't decide on locking lever or twist locks.
That would be great Andy thank you very much! Do you put a shallow course thread on them to give a bit of bite or push and glue?
Will give you a shout if I may when I start getting the bits together to build them. The .223 needs a bit of TLC first mind. Stock's a dogs dinner atm!

Heym SR20

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Lever locks are so much better and simpler than twist locks, especially when hands are cold and wet. I have been looking for a long time as well. I can't help feeling that some of the light weight ski touring or walking poles with a velcro or bungee wrap to strap them together may be the way to go - The carbon ski poles are probably stiffer, and hence better for shooting sticks.

However I do keep coming back to using a backpack for longer shots and a simple pair of hazel or B&Q Special poles for everyday stalking around type uses.


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I normally cut some broader annular groves in the bit which will go up inside the tube and then make the major diameter a nice tight fit in the tube ID. The glue then sits in the grooves and for the feet to come out the glue would need to be sheared off the inside surface of the leg (which is never gonna happen).

i also bring the diameter out to match the tube OD before tapering to the spike so that the end of the carbon tube is a bit protected, it’s quite fragile stuff if you bash the fibre ends in an axial direction.



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Standard Carbon Fibre Tubing - Carbon Fibre Tubes Ltd
22mm OD £58 per 2.5m lengths
18mm OD £49
They can supply pre-cut to length for larger orders
Lever Lock clips ~£15
Grit embedded hacksaw to cut, tape first.
Brad point drills

3rd pary they use for fittings etc = Essentra

ex VAT

Looking at those prices, makes me think the money spent on my viper-flex was well worth it! apart from for the engineering challenge, I can't see what advantage to making your own would be, but I do appreciate some people like to tinker. Be interested to see how they come out though.


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Thanks for all the suggestions guys. Doing up some drawings at the moment then to start getting the materials in. Got a bit carried away the other night and started looking at, not heap in billet form! Then again they're a one off. Will post the pictures up when I've got them finished. Cheers all
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